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Before (Above) & After (Below)

Kids were given a giant canvas to play on all day. As they were painting, Nichola would zero in on key parts of the children's work and put emphasis on color and composition. Painting together created a unique and inspiring piece that didn't take very long.

Kid Art Final

Kids come up with some incredible ideas. Many parents like the idea of having their childrens' artwork on the wall, but sometimes it just adds to the mess.

Nichola Moss can take those beautiful messes and make them ready for the gallery. With some finishing touches and a little attention to detail, the artwork created by your children can become a portal through time.

New Kids 3

Nichola even provides the supplies! To learn more about how you can make playtime into incredible art, contact Nichola via phone or email! You can block out an afternoon or evening, and every time the kids start painting the time flies.

Parents are always amazed at what their children can come up with in a short amount of time, and with the right inspriration and a little direction, the ideas and dreams come to life on each canvas.

It's a fun/easy way to spend time, and the kids love it! If you're looking for a way to let their imaginations run wild, this is the best to preserve those experiences and memories forever.

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