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Born Detroit, Michigan
Resident of Maui, Hawaii since 1979

Artist Statement

I am often asked about the meaning in my paintings. There is no one answer. Often they are a story or a prayer I am telling myself and as the images emerge I am able to let go and follow along. I am learning to dance with what ever it is that inspires me.
The easel is like the breath or mantra in meditation. It is solid, there, while I float. It grounds what I reach for. My self worth is so much a part of this. It is such a blessing to integrate this floating with work.
Other times it seems the muse takes over and then the meaning becomes ambiguous and lies in what you, the viewer, give to it. You are the creator of that part. I simply dove down into the shadow or reached up to the heavens to my muses, integrating something I am not exactly sure of.
There are archetypes in my work anchored in my study of fairy tales. I never did stop believing in Santa Claus, (after all, I was born on Christmas) he just has a new name now. I am inspired by the ideas of Jung and Rumi among countless others. Life, apparently, is a big dream and we are the creators. The magic road for me is in the paintings.
There is more, painting has a bottom line for me, that of playing with texture and color. The images are but a vehicle for that. I am an artist and I am also a craftsman. Art is metaphysics, at times tedious in its process. It is there that my love of technique helps me. It alleviates the stagnancy, the block that can be so disturbing. Interestingly enough, my mothers maiden name was Kraft and my fathers name was Art.
My true love is color. It is the litmus test for me as I watch my paintings. I sit before the canvas with a possible idea but am only intrigued with what emerges as long as the color is exciting to me. I See color. I feel color. It is the bottom line of what I remember beauty to be.


1966 Aspen institute of art~ painting
1967-68 Colorado Women’s College~ studied art and theater
1969-70 University of Colorado Painting and fairytales
1970 University of Denver~ music
1971 Pete Walton’s studio Anchorage Alaska~ studied batik, the art of nature and printmaking
1986-1990 Apprenticed with master painter Julian Ritter, Maui Hawaii~ oil painting

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Spirit Mountain Los Angeles California
Inner Art Cards, National distribution suns and moons
Island Art Cards, Maui Hawaii
Image Station, Maui Hawaii
Cedo Corporation, Internationally distributed calendars and posters 1999
Magazines and publications
Art business news
License magazine
US Art magazine~ feature article 2000
Dog World~ feature article 2008
Art business news~ feature article 1999


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